In every respect, I found Kerry to be thorough, thoughtful, trustworthy, warm and a good, probing listener – that rare thing.



Sequoia Coaching

I saw Kerry at a time in my life when I was stuck in a rut and didn’t know how to dig my way out. Kerry’s depth of knowledge and experience; her warmth and energy; and her ability to get to the heart of things helped me to see things in a different way. Kerry helped me address some of the confronting issues I had ignored for a long time and helped me to make positive changes in my life. If you’re looking for a coach to help you tackle the tricky issues – a coach who will be there to challenge; guide; support; and inspire you; every step of the way, then I’d thoroughly recommend Kerry.


Kerry helped me to feel ‘yes I can’. My relationship with a particular team member has improved considerably owing to subtle changes in my communication style.


Kerry’s questioning style was insightful and she challenged me to look at my options in different ways. I now feel able to leave my current job.


Kerry helped me understand my core values and we looked at ways for me to honour those more in my professional world.


Kerry’s feedback was incredibly helpful as it allowed me to think about myself through the eyes of someone else and perhaps make realisations that I would not have otherwise made. I don’t easily allow people to challenge me in this way but it felt safe.


When I was looking for an executive coach I wanted someone who broadly understood my sector, and who had worked with senior managers and understood the dynamics that occur at that level. I was also transitioning between jurisdictions, having moved from overseas and this presented personal challenges relating to finding my feet in a new place.  For the modest investment in time and money, my engagement with Kerry at Sequoia continues to pay enormous dividends in a set of skills and approaches that help me to advance my personal and professional aspirations to make a difference and lead a well-balanced life. I was sceptical at first, thinking that ‘life coaching’ or career counselling was something that either school kids or very high-level executives did. Now I understand that sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is spend some quality time with a skilled, objective professional whose only interest is to assist you to clarify your goals and the means to achieve them.


One particular brainstorming session stands out; whereby, career opportunities emerged that I hadn’t considered. It took great courage to change career at my stage of life but I’m now venturing down one of those unexpected avenues, and haven’t looked back. I couldn’t have done it without Kerry’s skillful and caring support.



Sequoia Consulting

It has been an absolute pleasure and delight to work with Kerry. I appreciated her enthusiasm for the work and commitment to children and families and the best outcome.

Manager, NSW Kids & Families

Kerry has excellent project management skills and worked very effectively across the health/social care interface, contributing significantly to the development of new ways of achieving rapid service improvements, which, in turn, led to policy changes. She is a thinker and a do-er, interested in what she does and in the views and ideas of others. I would re-hire Kerry immediately if I ever had the opportunity.’

Director, London Older People’s Service Development Program

Kerry’s energy and commitment ensured the highest of standards were maintained and she consistently worked on developing staff to make a real impact on improving patient care. Her delivery style was always facilitative and she was a valued member of the team.

Director, Layton Learning Partnership, London Older People’s Service Development Program

The Quality of Life Strategy for Older People was a tribute to and testament of Kerry’s ability to work with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including representatives of the community sector, all Council Departments and the Health Service, as well of course as a diverse range of older people. It was a complex process to manage and a challenge well met by Kerry to ensure the long term “buy-in” of key organisations and departments. She achieved this cohesion not just with her abundant people skills but also her diligent research ability to identify and draw together policies that enabled the development of the strategy.

Director, London Borough Of Camden

Kerry was greatly respected by colleagues and older people alike, tenacious in her drive to deliver the project within tight time constraints. She has the skills to listen critically and with warmth and sensitivity especially whilst working with older people in the community. It was a delight to be fortunate to work with such a committed and creative professional who worked tirelessly to create the most effective strategy on behalf of older people in the Borough.

A/Director, London Borough Of Camden

In every respect I have found Kerry to be thorough, thoughtful, trustworthy, warm, and just the right amount insistent at pushing towards difficult truths, so prompting people to open to uncomfortable honesty and self-reflection and so create emotional spaces for change, growth and possibility in the team. She is that rare thing, a good, probing, listener, and this is something to be prized by anybody with whom she wishes to work.

Founder/Director, Sparknow Consultancy